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Teacher Training Course


Our Teacher Training Course focuses on developing your practical skills. You will focus on key concepts and models:

  • Language awareness
  • Phonology
  • Language learning
  • Teaching methodology
  • Professional development

Our teacher trainers are experts in their field and use a variety of effective educational methods and strategies throughout the course. This means trainee teachers benefit from an outstanding learning experience themselves before applying the knowledge and skills they have gained in their own classrooms.

Aims and objectives

On this course, you will:

  • Develop essential language knowledge, awareness and teaching strategies
  • Assess learner needs, background, and preferences to inform lesson plans
  • Learn a range of practical skills for teaching English to adult learners
  • Plan and prepare lessons to develop learners’ overall language competence
  • Demonstrate your ability to apply your learning in a real teaching context
What’s included?
Pre-course placement
Needs analysis
Certification of studied level
Course materials

Tasks of the course participants

Pre-course Tasks:

  1. Taking a Language Level Assessment Test
  2. Preparing Needs Analysis
  3. Reading selections from a Pre-course Reading List
  4. Taking part in an on-line Participants’ Forum
  5. Contact with the Host Family
  6. Receiving Cultural Counselling from in-country Counsellor
  7. Receiving practical arrangements from Course Provider

Intra-Course Tasks:

  1. Active participation in the course
  2. Co-operating with a Course Tutor
  3. Exchanging Best Practice
  4. Making Contacts with other teachers for future Co-operation
  5. Preparing Evaluation Feedback
  6. Reporting to in-country Counsellor if applicable by email / phone /social media

Post-Course Tasks:

  1. Taking Part in an on-line Forum
  2. Report to the Co-ordinator and the head teacher of the Sending Institution
  3. Using the newly learnt Methods and Techniques during your classes/work on your return,
  4. Sharing Knowledge and Materials with other colleagues – preparing a set of didactical materials and training for other teachers – sharing it with teachers from other schools in the region.
  5. Sharing Erasmus + potential and Ideas with teachers from the same and other schools
  6. Keeping in touch and co-operating with teachers from other European Countries
  7. Reports to teacher training centres
  8. Dissemination of course experiences on the school website
  9. In local newspapers / radio station
  10. In a school monthly leaflet / newspaper

Competences to be acquired by the participant

  • Improving personal English Language skills and confidence in lesson delivery
  • Acquiring the language and vocabulary necessary to deliver a range of subject based lessons in English
  • Study in depth the role of language and language development in a CLIL context
  • Expanding the range of methodological approaches to enhance classroom practice
  • Gaining insights into integration of both new and traditional strategies and the 8 Key Competences
  • CLIL Competences
  • Better understanding of students’ needs and behaviour during classes
  • Learning Techniques to improve students’ motivation
  • Developing Cultural Consciousness
  • Teamwork and Interpersonal Abilities
  • Better Knowledge on Erasmus+ potential for your own and others’ professional development

Monitoring and Mentoring of the participant

Pre-Course Modalities

  1. On-line Language Level Assessment
  2. Reviewing the detailed Course Description
  3. Pre-course Cultural Counselling from the in-country Counsellor (when available)
  4. Pre-course UK Practical Arrangements

Intra-Course Modalities

  1. Access to a Course Tutor
  2. Pedagogic Learning Materials Included
  3. Pastoral Care
  4. 24 hr Emergency Number
  5. Where appropriate, supervision of in-country Counsellor, overcoming language barriers and facilitating communication between the Participants and the Organiser
  6. Accommodation Service
  7. Optional Cultural Activities and Visits

Post-Course Modalities

  1. Linguistic Profile based on Common European Framework of Reference
  2. A Certificate of Attendance showing content covered with brief Professional Competences Profile
  3. Europass Mobility
  4. Post-Course Forum
  5. Applicant Dissemination& Exploitation Advice


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