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Preparation Course for the Cambridge First (FCE), Advanced (CAE) and Proficiency (CPE) Exams

Cambridge Preparation


Students follow our in-house schemes of work, covering speaking, listening, reading and writing plus pronunciation and vocabulary work. Teachers use their professional expertise to select activities that will most engage and support their students.

Students practise for all papers of the Cambridge Examinations. They will revise key grammar points, develop their standard of writing, recycle vocabulary and hone their examination technique.

Our Winter, Spring and Autumn courses are 10 week courses starting in January, March and September.
Students can join our 10 week course on any week from week 1 to week 7.

Our summer course is a 5 week course starting in July.
Students can join our 5 week Summer course in either week 1, week 2 or week 3.

All courses end with the students taking the Cambridge Exam in Torquay.

On all courses, the final 3 weeks leading up to the exam are always closed.

Aims and objectives

Students develop their level of General English and this supports their ability to deal with the Cambridge Examinations in the afternoons. Here they will become familiar with the components of the examinations.

Progression routes

Success at Cambridge English Examinations can lead to successful applications to University or pre-sessional University courses.

What’s included?
Pre-course placement
Certification of studied level
Course materials
Exam Certificate (if booked)
Exam Certificate (if booked)
Exam Certificate (if booked)

Course Dates 2022

Winter Course

3 January - 11 March 2022

CPE exam date: 5 March 2022
CAE exam date: 12 March 2022
FCE exam date: 11 March 2022

Spring Course

28 March - 3 June 2022

CPE exam date: 10 June 2022
CAE exam date: 8 June 2022
FCE exam date: 7 June 2022

Summer Course

25 July - 26 August 2022

CAE exam date: 26 August 2022
FCE exam date: 25 August 2022

Autumn Course

19 September - 25 November 2022

CPE exam date: 01 December 2022
CAE exam date: 30 November 2022
FCE exam date: 29 November 2022

Example Timetable for Cambridge Preparation Course

09:00 - 10:40Reading and vocabulary - language learning skills

Use of English - part 1
Grammar - past / continuous - presentation and practice

Sentence transformations - part 1
Narrative tenses and story telling

Listening for specific information - part 1
Vocabulary and reading topic (crime

Reading gapped texts
Authentic text reading and extreme adjectives

Structuring essays - part 1
10:40 - 11:00BreakBreakBreakBreakBreak
11:00 - 12:20Listening and topic discussion (natural medicine)

Use of English - part 2
Sentence transformations - part 2

Current news stories from the UK
Listening for specific information - part 2

Telling and creating real life stories
Discussion language - agreeing and disagreeing

Writing a report
Topic extreme sports

Structuring essays - part 2

Exam Levels

Do you need advice about what Cambridge Examination route is best for you? Take this online test to learn your recommended level.

Course Fees 2022:

Registration Fee: £70

Price per week
Cambridge Preparation £540
1 hour = 60 minutes

Exam Entry Fees:

FCE: £170
CAE £175
CPE: £185


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