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Alternatively, if you prefer, you can make an enrolment through one of our Trusted Educational Consultants in your own country.

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Read our Terms and Conditions

You will need to read and confirm you have understood our Terms and Conditions before submitting your enrolment form.

You can see our full Terms and Conditions by clicking on the button below.

Terms and Conditions


We strongly recommend that you travel with adequate insurance.

A good student insurance policy will cover expenses incurred if a student has to go home early, flight cancellations or medical expenses.

Our recommended insurers are Gibbs Denley. Student Studyguard provides travel insurance specifically designed for students travelling outside their country of residence to undertake a course of study anywhere in the world.

Gibbs Denley

Make an Initial Payment

We must receive payment of the Registration Fee (£65) and the Accommodation Placement Fee (£45) after you receive your invoice to confirm your enrolment. This can be paid easily and securely via our online payment platform Flywire.

Your details are protected by encryption on our computers. Please ensure you click the payment link after submitting the enrolment form.

You can choose to:

  • Pay the registration/accommodation booking fee only
  • Pay full fees or
  • Pay a specified amount
Payment portal

How to Make an International Payment with Flywire

  • Select your country of origin and preferred payment method
  • Enter your payment details and receive confirmation of your payment booking
  • Depending on your payment method, you will receive instructions on how to complete the payment process.
  • Track your payment from start to finish with your student dashboard
How to Make an International Payment with Flywire

How to pay via Worldpay Futurepay

Paying via Worldpay Futurepay could not be easier. You will receive an email from Torquay International School which will ask you to set up a recurring payment agreement. The agreement will clearly specify the following:

* Agreement start date
* Exact amount of each instalment
* Agreement end date
* Total amount payable

A recurring payment agreement is like a direct debit or standing order arrangement, but regular payments are debited using your card details instead of your bank account.

The cards that Torquay International School is set up to accept are: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and JCB.

The frequency and the length of payments will vary depending on course commencement date and the course and accommodation chosen. You will agree the amount and frequency of the regular payments when accepting this agreement with Torquay International School Limited.

Once you have accepted this agreement, you can view your payments, change the agreement or end it at any time yourself by using the Worldpay Shopper Management System (SMS).

Our cancellation and refund policy can be found by clicking on the below button

Cancellation and Refund Policy