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Full-day English Academy programme designed to fully immerse young learners in the English language

Summer Junior Course


Our exciting full-day English Academy programme is designed to fully immerse young learners in the English language. It combines serious academic study with fun learning methods and a huge variety of extra-curricular activities and excursions.
Students practice English in a class that enables them to try out new language in a supportive environment.
We focus on three aspects of academic study:

a. Humanities
b. Science
c. Physical Education and Sports

The classes are therefore more in line with English as the Medium of Instruction (EMI) and will relate as closely as possible to the students’ study at home.

While development of English is a key priority with strong linguistic input, our approach is topic-based and learning by doing.

Students will choose a topic of their interest and can focus on the same subject throughout their stay or change subjects weekly.

Aims and objectives

Students will develop the confidence to initiate conversations, express themselves with increasing accuracy both in the spoken and written word, and expand their vocabulary at an appropriate level.

Progression routes

Young Learners can move on to study for the KET, PET, FCE for Schools qualifications or IGCSE Prep.

What’s included?
Full board homestay accommodation in twin rooms
Pre-course placement
Certification of studied level
Course materials
Full Programme of Activities

Humanities Programme

Science Programme

Physical Education and Sports Programme

Course Fees 2022:

Registration Fee: £115

Price per week
Winter Young Learner Academy £740
Standard Homestay Accommodation £165
1 hour = 60 minutes


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