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Our General English Courses will help you to improve your English in all areas: grammar, vocabulary, speaking, pronunciation, listening, reading and writing.

General English


Students follow our in-house schemes of work, covering speaking, listening, reading and writing plus pronunciation and vocabulary work. Teachers use their professional expertise to select activities that will most engage and support their students.

In the afternoons and on Friday morning, students develop their communicative ability across a range of stimulating subjects. It is our common practice to have mixed level classes for communication as communication occurs across all levels in first and second languages. Our teachers understand the importance of adapting communication to interact effectively with individuals of varying proficiency levels, making this an invaluable skill development opportunity.

Aims and objectives

Students develop all four skill areas in a supportive classroom environment, following the IH Torquay curriculum. There is a strong emphasis on training our students to be independent language learners.

Advice on length on study

Our programme recognises that the length of study varies depending on your personal language goals. Even a week of focused learning can be helpful in advancing your English language skills. However, if your aim is to progress to a higher proficiency level, such as moving from B1 to B2, then on average, it takes approximately 3 months with consistent effort and focused instruction.

Our programme is structured to accommodate these varying goals, offering personalised learning plans, targeted instruction, and ongoing support. Whether you’re looking for short-term improvement or a longer-term progression, we will help you achieve your language goals efficiently and confidently within your desired timeframe.

Progression routes

Students have the opportunity to progress through all the levels of the CEFR and their global progress is monitored every month by our academic team.

What’s included?
Pre-course placement
Certification of studied level
Course materials
End-of-course report
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Course Fees 2024:

Registration Fee: £75

High Season Supplement: £45
Applies 24 June – 16 August 2024

Price per week
General English (15 hours per week) £310
General English (19 hours per week) £390
General English (23 hours per week) £465
General English (30 hours per week) £630
1 hour = 60 minutes

Afternoon Private Lessons:

Available only in addition to morning classes. Timetabling at Academic Manager’s discretion.

Price / hour : £95.00


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