Online English Tests CAE and CPE English Online Test

CAE and CPE English Online Test

(For the Cambridge English: Advanced and Cambridge English: Proficiency Exams)

This test is designed for students who want to join our Cambridge Preparation Course for CAE or CPE. The CAE test is aimed at Advanced (C1) level and the CPE test is aimed at Proficiency (C2) level. The result will tell us if your level is suitable to join the course.

We will reply to you as soon as we can.

1Your details
2Part A (20 questions)
3Part B (20 questions)
4Part C (10 questions)
5Part D (10 questions) CPE candidates only
6Part E (writing test)

More Information

There are four parts to the CAE test and five parts to the CPE test. CPE students should do the CAE tests and then the CPE extension. In total, the test should take you between an hour and an hour and a half, but there is no time limit. Do the test by yourself and don’t use a dictionary. Try to answer all the questions in Part A, Part B and Part C, (and Part D for CPE only), then complete the writing question below. Make sure you use the same name in each test and good luck!