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IELTS English Online Test

This test is designed for students who want to join our General English + IELTS Preparation Course, or who are considering taking the IELTS test in the future. The result will tell us your approximate level. Please complete and submit all parts of the test, then send an email our Director of Studies Vicki to ask her to check the result: We will reply to you with your approximate level as soon as we can.

More Information

There are three parts to the test. In total, the test should take you no more than one hour but there is no time limit. Do the test by yourself and don’t use a dictionary. Try to answer all the questions in Part A and Part B, then complete the writing question below. Make sure you use the same name in each test and good luck!

Take the IELTS English Level Test:

Part A: 40 Questions
Part B: 15 Questions

Part C: Writing Test

In fewer than 250 words, prepare an argument for a well-educated reader on the following topic:

Human beings do not need to eat meat in order to maintain good health because they can get all their food needs from meatless products and meatless substitutes. A vegetarian diet is as healthy as a diet containing meat.

Argue for or against the opinion. Write your answer in the box below.